impeccably designed lounges

A Sophisticated Social Club

Nestled in the heart of the North Shore of Chicago, Elliott Cellars pairs a sophisticated social club with a highly engineered wine storage solution.

The decor, meticulously curated by local designers, features tasteful and classic furnishings that speak to a bygone era of elegance.

Members enjoy the impeccably designed lounges and intimate gathering areas, each framed in subdued lighting to encourage conversation and a leisurely tasting experience.

Wine Storage Chicago_Ceiling_Elliott Cellars
Wine Storage Chicago_Cabinets_Elliott Cellars
55 degrees | 70% humidity

Highly Engineered Wine Storage

Elliott Cellar's one of a kind display cabinets have been carefully designed to preserve fine wine and display your unique collection. Each displays three cases of wine -- adorned with polished brass name plates -- with storage below for special format bottles.

Access is managed through a state of the art security system that is tied to your mobile device using near field communication. Additional onsite storage is available for wines that are not ready to drink.

Proper glassware | No clean-up

A wine sanctuary

Members enjoy full access to Elliott Cellars, which provides a wide selection of proper glassware, charcuterie boards, and other amenities to ensure a premier experience.

The refined style of the tasting area is enhanced by the soft glow of crystal chandeliers, which cast a warm and inviting ambiance over plush furnishings, creating an ideal environment for hosting friends before and after dinner.

Wine Storage Chicago_Glasses_Elliott Cellars
A sophisticated social club

anchored on fine wine